Meet the team 

Venkata Subramanian Ravi

Gandalf The Grey
Marketing Wiz AKA CMO
Rage quits games in the middle to restart them, but still everyone’s favourite to play against. Practically lives for Excel sheets.

Karthik Vijayan

General Aladeen
Supreme Leader AKA CEO.
On time for meetings, never on time for movies. Runs on copious amounts of caffeine.

Shivam Singh

Wolf of Wall Street
Literally Jordan Belfort
Absolute work horse when it comes to Sales and UNO. Hilariously bad at pictionary, and hilariously good with one liners.

Siddharth Aggarwal

Defence Against The Dark Arts
Fights Churn.
The person to talk to if you want to know where to get the best food in Chennai. Most likely person to break the office PS4 controllers, what's keeping them safe is that he is actually good at FIFA.

Tapasya Basudev

Lara Croft: Campaign Raider 
Marketing missions to save
This person has been caught accepting bribes in the form of coffee. Considers herself a night owl, but that’s just the bribe working.

Karthik Sabareesh

Neo from “ The Matrix “
Tech guy stuck in a different world
Talented enough to actually enhance security camera footage ( does some work for CSI: Miami ) Caution: Never ask for his playlist

Srikanth Chandrasekaran

Pied Piper Of Hamelin 
Brings in leads instead of rats
Can be spotted in the wild at enjoying good food or cinema, Can be spotted in the office with Venkat.
Plans strategic offs to get longer vacations to travel

Neethu NV

Tech Hokage
The mandatory anime lover hire.
Likes to work in the shadows, with the least human interactions possible.Now you know where the coder stereotype comes from

Prianka Magendiran

Toby from “The Office”
But the likeable kind
Always buzzing around with a warm aura. But be warned, Banshees or Hyenas can’t hold a candle against her when it comes to laughing.

Omar Sheriff

Indiana Jones 
The Temple of Blogs
Either writing blogs or trying fatalities in Mortal Kombat, no in betweens. Luckily tall enough to not drown in his own thoughts.

Kaavya Venkadesan

Aunt Edna from Incredibles 
Super Suits for the Product
Wakes up early, only to referee the product requests Vs commitments. Has been hired for her ability to play pranks.

Rupa Ramesh

Camouflages to code
Devout and religious that she was granted abilities from the gods. Rumoured to have taught Drax the ability to stay invisible

Ashwinbalaji S.P

Magic Stylus Owner  
Brings Designs to Life
Only design he struggles for, is his own diet chart. So soft spoken that even the walls can’t hear him.

Gary Thomas

The Dark Knight  
Can’t be found in the mornings.
Everyone’s content written by yours lovingly! Basically, paid to write cold emails and banter

Our Culture Principles

Move fast and break things

We like to ship things fast, even if it means the result is not perfect. Speed necessarily entails mistakes—the only unforgivable mistake is delay.

Collective ownership

Everything we do at Forward, we do it together. Everyone owns the product–not just the engineers. We work toward the same goals without silos creeping in.

Disagree and commit

Once in a while, we may make decisions that you disagree with. But, everyone chooses to disagree and commit.
Hopefully, your concerns are proved wrong. Even if they’re not, your best will, more often than not, overcome mediocre decisions.

1% Improvement

We learn and share cool stuff with each other all the time. We think big and stay agile while continuously improving on what we have done.

Take big swings. It’s okay to miss.

At Forward, we love the crazy; the radical; and the moonshots. People can love what we do. People can hate what we do. What we don’t want is for people to be indifferent to what we do.

Have fun and build cool shit!

While we’re here to run a world-class business, we love having fun with the work we do. At the end of the day, if you’re not having fun and being proud of the work you do, none of it matters.

Why work at Forward?

At Forward, we're not your typical 9-to-5 grind. You'll have the freedom to own your work, but don't worry, we're here to support you every step of the way. You’ll own things end to end and collaborate across functions.

So, why wait? Join us, where every day is a chance to be your awesome self!

Can’t find a role? Doesn’t matter…

Life is too short anyway to wait for the right role to open up. Write to us nevertheless. We're always excited to speak to awesome people.

Tell us why you’d be a great fit at (with your resumé). Bonus points for a cover letter or a video essay that blows our mind!

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