20 creative campaign ideas for food and beverage brands this August

Here are 20 creative email campaigns for food and beverage brands to use this August to revitalize their email marketing with the seasonal change.

Campaign Ideas
February 13, 2024
20 creative campaign ideas for food and beverage brands this August

As the gradual transition from the summer heat to cooler days arrives with August, its the perfect opportunity for brands to revitalize their email marketing with fresh campaigns.

In this guide, we'll navigate through the August calendar, presenting tailored email campaign concepts for each occasion. Whether you're celebrating International Beer Day or focusing on relaxing, these campaign ideas are adaptable to suit your brand's objectives.

Let's explore the campaigns to elevate your brand's presence and captivate your audience throughout the month of August!

1. National Wellness Month:

August is the National Wellness Month and it's the perfect time to promote products that are rich in nutrition and suits well for gym goers.

2. Summer Recipes:

Showcase a collection of summer-inspired recipes using your products. Encourage customers to try out these recipes and share their creations on social media.

3. Back to School Month:

As students go back to school, promote easy to carry, easy to consume products and bundle them for a lower price.

4. National Kids Eat Right Month

Share nutritious recipes and products to parents in your email list and encourage them to cook healthy meals for their kids.

Important dates in August:

1. International Beer Day - Aug 2

Segment: Beer customers

Campaign ideas:

  • Beer Showcase: Highlight the variety of beer beverages you offer and provide a small coupon code for subscribers.
  • Beer Quiz: Conduct a fun quiz that tests readers on their beer knowledge. Encourage readers to participate by providing them an incentive.

2. National Grab Some Nuts Day - Aug 3

Segment: All

Campaign ideas:

  • Nutty Recipes: Share tasty yet easy to make recipes that contains nuts. Let customers share pictures of the output for an incentive.
  • Nut Showcase: Highlight the variety of nuts and nut based products you offer.

3. National Mustard Day - Aug 3

Segment: All

Campaign Ideas:

  • Mustard Madness: Showcase the different varieties of mustard products you offer and provide a limited time discount on them
  • Mustard Diversity: Take your subscribers on an infographic ride highlighting the diversity of mustard and how each part of the world uses it.  

4. National Friendship Day - Aug 4

Segment: All

Campaign ideas:

  • Friendship Bundle Deal: Create a "Friendship Bundle Deal" with products meant for sharing. Encourage customers to celebrate friendship with exclusive discounts on bundles for themselves and their friends.
  • Friendship BOGO: Promote a BOGO sale by encouraging customers to buy a product and give the extra to their a friend.
  • Refer A Friend: Encourage your subscribers to refer a friend in return for incentives for both the parties.

5. National Book Lovers Day - Aug 9

Segment: All

Campaign Idea:

  • Favorite Recipe Books: Share your favorite recipe books with dishes that can be made using your products. Provide a small discount on these products.

6. National Relaxation Day - Aug 15

Segment: All

Campaign Idea:

  • It's Relaxing Time: Highlight products in your store that helps people relax and release stress. Offer discounts or a coupon code to encourage self care.

7. National Potato Day - Aug 19

Segment: All

Campaign Idea:

  • Potato Showcase: Showcase potato-based snacks or side dishes, paired with your beverages that go along with it.
  • Potato Tips: Share cooking tips and recipes and how your products can enhance potato based dishes.

8. National Lemon Juice Day - Aug 29

Segment: All

Campaign Idea:

  • The Lemon Bundle: Create a bundle from a variety of lemon based products in your store and offer it at a lower price.
  • Lemon Best-Sellers: Highlight your best selling lemon products and offer a limited time discount on them for your subscribers.

9. National Beach Day - Aug 30

Segment: All

Campaign Idea:

  • Beach Essentials: Highlight products that customers can take with them to the beach to chill for the day.

We hope these campaigns gave you a creative head-start for this month. Don't forget to customize these campaigns to fit your brand and watch out for those sweet metrics. Happy emailing!

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