SMS Marketing for BFCM: The Do's and Don'ts

Use this comprehensive guide to navigating the SMS marketing landscape during the BFCM frenzy. Know the do's and don'ts.

September 21, 2023
SMS Marketing for BFCM: The Do's and Don'ts

Sending a well-crafted text message can be a game-changer for businesses during BFCM. However, this is a channel where finesse is key, and walking the tightrope between success and annoyance can be treacherous.

Before you hit the "send" button on that pivotal text message campaign, give this blog. a read. We will not only illuminate the best practices but also delve into the pitfalls to avoid, giving you a comprehensive guide to navigating the SMS marketing landscape during the BFCM frenzy.

SMS marketing Do’s 

1. Plan ahead

BFCM is going to be hectic, avoid all the last-minute stress by planning your campaigns at least a couple of months before.

Finalize the offers, audience segments, and copy early on so you can focus on fulfilling the orders when the time comes. Plan a well-structured SMS marketing schedule to avoid overwhelming subscribers. Deliver value with each message to maintain subscriber interest. Here's a handy calendar to help you plan your campaigns.

2. Be personal

The last thing anyone one your list wants to see is an irrelevant SMS. Segment your list based on interest and previous history and send tailored offers based on that.

Provide early VIP access to High-value customers, welcome discounts to new subscribers, re-engagement offers to inactive customers, etc. craft messages for each segment personalizing their interest.

3. Test and Optimize Your Campaigns

Effective SMS marketing during BFCM requires meticulous testing and ongoing optimization.

A/B test your offers, messaging, timing, and creatives (during Halloween and pre-BFCM sales) to fine-tune your SMS campaigns during the big weekend. Analyze campaign results diligently, paying close attention to open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.

This data-driven approach enables you to understand what resonates with your audience and make informed adjustments to your SMS marketing strategy, ensuring that each message delivers the maximum impact.

4. Offer Exclusive Deals

On top of your ongoing offers, make your SMS subscribers feel special with exclusive discounts, early access, and other incentives. After all, they've shared a piece of their personal information with you.

Create SMS-exclusive offers that are distinct from those available through email or social media. These exclusive deals not only provide a compelling reason for subscribers to stay engaged with your SMS channel but also set your SMS marketing apart from other channels.

5. Set up automated message flows 

Tweak your automations with updated discounts, and reduced time delays to convert better. Make sure there are no conflicting offers on your other channels. We wrote a dedicated post about this. Do check it out.

6. Include clear CTAs 

Guide your customers on what to do next after reading your SMS to explore your brand further. Include clear calls-to-action like "shop now" or "claim your discount" in your SMS, as it can only convey a limited portion of your message. This encourages customers to visit your website for more information.

SMS marketing Don'ts

1. Neglect permission and compliance

You may be eager to share your BFCM deals with all your customers. But not all your customers like it; neither does the law.

Always consider quiet hours before sending an SMS. These hours differ depending on where your customers are. In California, 10 pm to 8 am are considered quiet hours where sending promotional emails and SMS can attract hefty fines.

Ensure you respect their privacy and the local regulations around SMS. Here are a few common rules to follow:

  • Provide an opt-out  
  • Avoid misleading content 
  • Don't spam
  • Send only during appropriate hours

2. Make it hard to unsubscribe

When people are unable to easily unsubscribe from your messages, they tend to mark your messages as spam, which can hurt your deliverability rates and the brand's reputation

Also, making it hard to unsubscribe can violate spam laws. In the United States, the TCPA Act requires businesses to provide a clear and conspicuous way for recipients to unsubscribe from their SMS marketing messages.

3. Overwhelm Subscribers with Messages:

Don't flood subscribers with too many messages; you'll risk opt-outs and a negative brand image. Every message you send should deliver a clear value to the recipient–whether it's a special offer, exclusive deal, or important update. Also, be wary of your subscribers' preferences for message frequency.

Plan ahead, personalize your message and prioritize privacy and transparency. Avoid pitfalls such as late-night messages, not providing an easy unsubscribe option and sending conflicting messages. By adhering to these guidelines, you'll not only maximize your chances of success but also enhance your brand's reputation and customer trust.

Let's create a wonderful BFCM shopping experience for all.

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