Make Your Customers Stick to your brand With the Commitment and Consistency Principle

Engage with your customers like never before by incorporating commitment and consistency principle in your email campaigns

Marketing Psychology
March 22, 2023
Make Your Customers Stick to your brand With the Commitment and Consistency Principle

I’ve been trying to shed a few pounds for quite some time. I’ve tried countless crash diets so many times in the past and I’ve fallen off the wagon as many times. 

This time, I did something different. I told everyone I knew that I'm on a diet and on my way to 10% body fat (one can hope!).

It’s Day 45 now and I’m still holding the streak. I’ve lost 15lbs, just in case you’re curious.

What made this time different?

There’s a natural compulsion for humans to act consistently and committed to one’s values. As we evolved, consistency became a desirable social trait, sending signals to the rest of the clan that we are stable, dependable, and trustworthy. 

People are more likely to follow through with a decision if they feel that it is consistent with their previous actions or beliefs. 

I could go on and on about this but the guys at Psychology Today did a better job than I ever could. Let’s skip to the marketing bits.

How to use it

We use the consistency and commitment principle to encourage customers to make a purchase by making a far simpler ask first. 

If you can get someone to make a small commitment to your brand, they are more likely to feel less resistance when they eventually purchase from you. For example, asking your shoppers to sign up for a newsletter or taking a survey, which can then lead to larger commitments… like making a purchase.


Finn uses the foot-in-the-door technique by asking subscribers to sign up for a free consultation. Once shoppers are done with the session, they acknowledge that their pets need some supplements. 

When the brand sends the next email based on the zero-party data collected from the consultation–the shoppers are met with little internal resistance when making the purchase.

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