75 subject lines for Free Shipping campaigns to drive clicks

Free Shipping is a psychological tool that makes decision making easier and subject line being the voice of an email, has to grab attention, convey the incentive and create that psychological effect.

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January 16, 2024
75 subject lines for Free Shipping campaigns to drive clicks

I play this fun mind game called "guess the shipping cost", where I try to guess the….drumroll…shipping cost before reaching the checkout. And most of the time, my guesses are right. Besides this useless skill, the point i'm trying to make is, hidden costs aren't really that hidden anymore because people expect it.

As someone in the email marketing space, Free Shipping campaigns make more sense now. In essence, free shipping is not a pricing strategy, but a psychological tool that makes their decision making easier and motivates them to make that purchase they've been wanting to.

And when a subject line is the voice of an email, it needs to grab attention, convey the incentive and create that psychological effect.

Here are 75 such subject lines for free shipping campaigns:

  1. Save Now - Free Shipping Over [$X]
  2. FREE Shipping Has Returned 🔥
  4. BREAKING: 🎯FREE shipping on your next order!
  5. 🚚 Free Shipping: Today Only!
  6. Shipping's on Us!
  7. Enjoy Free Shipping Today!
  8. Don't Miss This: Shipping's Free!
  9. Shipping's on the House!
  10. No-Cost Shipping Starts Now!
  11. Shipping's on Us Today!
  12. No Shipping Fees Today!
  13. Free Shipping Awaits!
  14. Free Shipping: Shop Now!
  15. Open to Find Free Shipping!
  16. 📦 Your Next Order Ships Free!
  17. 🔥 Hot Offer: Free Shipping!
  18. 🛒 Cart Full? Shipping's Free Then!
  19. 📦 Free Shipping: No Minimum!
  20. Free Shipping Delight: Shop Now!
  21. 🛍️ Bag It and Ship It for Free!
  22. 🚛 No Shipping Costs Today!
  23. Breaking News: Shipping's Free!
  24. Explore Savings with Free Shipping!
  25. Unwrap Free Shipping Today!
  26. Free Shipping Returns: Save Now!
  27. Save Big with Free Shipping!
  28. 🚛 Shipping is Free: Don't Miss The Chance!
  29. Free Shipping Over [$X]: Shop Now!
  30. No Shipping Charges Until Tonight!
  31. 🌟 Exclusive: Free Shipping Offer!
  32. 🔥 Hot Deal Alert: Free Shipping!
  33. Enjoy Free Shipping Benefits!
  34. 🚚 Get Your Order Shipped for Free!
  35. 💥 Hurry, Free Shipping Only Today!
  36. Don't Miss Out on Free Shipping!
  37. Celebrate [Sale] with Free Shipping!
  38. Save More with Free Shipping!
  39. Free Shipping Over [$X]: Don't Wait!
  40. Shipping's on the House! Until Tonight
  41. Get Your Free Shipping Today!
  42. Free Shipping Over [$X]: Save Big!
  43. 🔥 Last Chance To Avail Your Free Shipping!
  44. No Shipping Costs: Act Now!
  45. Shop Now, Enjoy Free Shipping!
  46. Your Order Ships Free Today!
  47. Don't Pay for Shipping Today!
  48. Free Shipping: Save Now, Shop More!
  49. 🌟 Special Offer: Free Shipping!
  50. 🔥 Today Only: Free Shipping!
  51. Free Shipping Over [$X]: Don't Miss Out!
  52. Free Shipping: No Minimum Purchase!
  53. Free Shipping: No Coupon Code Needed.
  54. Don't Pay for Shipping - Get It for Free!
  55. Get the Best Deals with Free Shipping Today!
  56. Shop Smart with Free Shipping
  57. Free Shipping + Unbeatable Prices = Ultimate Shopping Experience!
  58. Free Shipping: Your Wallet's Best Friend
  59. Get Your Favorite Items Delivered for Free!
  60. Free Shipping: The Perfect Excuse to Shop.
  61. Free Shipping: Your Ticket to Savings.
  62. Exclusive to you: Free Shippping Today
  63. Your Free Shipping Invitation
  64. Get It Delivered, No Fees!
  65. Act Fast for Free Shipping
  66. 🚚 We're Treating You to Free Shipping
  67. Your Free Shipping Code Inside
  68. Don't Worry About Shipping Costs Today.
  69. Our Shipping Cost is $X Free
  70. Shipping Happens For Free.
  71. Fill Your Cart for Free Shipping
  72. Say Yes to Free Shipping Today
  73. Shop Stress-Free with Free Shipping
  74. We've Got Your Shipping Covered
  75. Stock Up and Enjoy Free Shipping

We have these subject lines ready on this Google Sheet, so feel free to share it with your team. Spoiler Alert: There are subject lines for other campaigns as well 😉.
For more subject lines, check out this page - Email Subject Lines.

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