20 Creative Campaign Ideas for Skincare and Beauty Brands

Email marketing is an important gateway to build meaningful connections with your customers by providing value. Here are 20 such value providing campaign ideas for skincare and beauty brands.

Campaign Ideas
November 22, 2023
20 Creative Campaign Ideas for Skincare and Beauty Brands

I like to think of endorsements and email marketing as a sort of dating with the brand. I know that sounds weird but hear me out. Say, a consumer is eyeing on a new skincare/beauty brand to try them out, and a celebrity they like is endorsing them. Now, it's natural that they'd want to try that brand.

But say, after a couple of weeks with the brand, they didn't get to know them much. What the brand does, what do they offer, how to properly use their products, etc., all of these is still a mystery. At this point, the consumer thinks it's time to move on.

Now, imagine if the brand actually provided value through emails, the consumer would have not only connected with them a lot better, but there was a good chance that they never switched.

So, here are some campaign ideas that can help you to NOT be a bad example like in the above scenario:

1. DIY Skincare/Beauty product recipes

Share DIY skincare/beauty product recipes using your products, be it face masks, hair masks, lip balms, exfoliating scrubs, etc. Encourage your customers to try them out and share their result which you later use for customer showcase campaigns.

2. Sun Protection Tips‍

Educate subscribers on the importance of sun protection and offer a guide that explains different types of sunscreens, their benefits, and recommendations for various skin types.

3. Beauty Influencer Collaboration‍

Partner with a beauty/skincare influencers to create content using your product, to create a limited edition product or to promote your brand. While this is kind of an endorsement, make sure you're content provides value

4. Virtual Beauty Consultation‍

Offer virtual beauty consultations to help your subscribers find the perfect products for their skin type and concerns.

5. Sustainable Beauty Products‍

Share your brand's commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly products, and highlight your sustainable product offerings. Encourage your subscribers to take part in improving nature's health by using eco-friendly products.

6. Skincare quiz

Create a fun quiz that helps subscribers determine their skin type and provides recommendations for products that would be most suitable for their needs. Help them achieve their beauty goals through this quiz. You could include a promotion or discount for those who complete the quiz.

7. Beauty tutorials

Send out emails featuring beauty tutorials that show subscribers how to use your products to achieve a specific look or effect. You could include step-by-step instructions and tips for getting the most out of your products.

8. Customer spotlight

From the DIY campaign, you can showcase couple of customer's results in this campaign. Another idea would be to highlight a customer or two in your email newsletter and feature their skincare and beauty routine. You could include photos of them using your products and ask them to share their favourite tips and tricks.

9. Seasonal promotions

Offer tips and guides depending on the season, for example, summer/winter skincare tips and tricks. For Holiday seasons like Christmas and new year, you can do a Travel kit essentials campaign.

10. Expert advice and tips

Collaborate with experts to provide insights into skincare and beauty practices and share expert tips to improve your skincare/beauty routines. You can also request the experts to share how your products can benefit people (Make sure it's genuine and not fake).

11. Promote creating custom Skincare/beauty kits

Allow customers to create their own custom skincare/beauty kits for a discounted price. This helps in creating a sense of exclusivity.

12. Ingredient deep dive

Educate your customers on specific ingredients from your products and explain their benefits. Customers can better understand what they are missing out by not using your products.

13. Gift guides

Tell your customers about the different gift boxes you've curated. Encourage them to buy one for their friends and loved ones. Although this works all year around, it works even better during holiday seasons.

14. Debunking skincare myths

If you're planning a weekly email series, consider this one. Take common myths and misconceptions about skincare and debunk them. This educates your customers and could be something your customers look forward to each week.

15. Skincare routines

Create skincare routine guides for people in different age and gender groups, different skin requirements and send them to the appropriate segments.

16. Before-and-after stories

Share compelling before-and-after photos and stories of customers who have seen significant benefits from using your products. This showcases the effectiveness of your products and builds trust with your audience.

17. Behind-the-scenes process

Give your subscribers a glimpse into the production process, showcasing how your products are made, and highlighting the quality and care that goes into each item. You can also highlight your brand values, be it cruelty-free practices, organic ingredients, or charitable initiatives.

18. Showcase product versatility

If some of your products have more than one purpose, show how they can be used in those multiple ways or, providing more value to the customer.

19. Founders/CEO's skincare/beauty routine

Sharing the skincare/beauty routine of your founders or CEO adds a personal touch and makes your products look more authentic.

20. Check your reviews for keywords

Go through your reviews to find common keywords that customers use to describe or compliment your product, for example, "smooth skin", "feeling fresh". Use them to run campaigns keeping those keywords as focus points.

Skincare and Beauty Campaign Ideas

While not all campaigns might work for you, choose and pick those you wanna try out and start with them. For more campaign ideas, check out our dedicated Campaign Ideas blog category.

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