20+ strategic email campaign ideas for pet brands this July

As the summer vibes and national pet related days take over July, the time for pet brands to shine in their email marketing is here. Here's 20 strategic campaign ideas for pet brands this July.

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February 5, 2024
20+ strategic email campaign ideas for pet brands this July

As the summer vibes and national pet related days take over July, the time for pet brands to shine in their email marketing is here. From Independence Day to National Mutt Day, July provides creative ways to engage with your subscribers.

In this blog, we'll guide you through the entire July calendar, offering email campaign ideas tailored to each event. From pet-friendly adventures under the sun to enchanting Christmas in July surprises, these ideas will resonate with pet lovers everywhere.

Let's take dive and explore the email campaigns that'll make your brand shine this July!

1. Pawtriotic Collection: Curate a collection of red, white, and blue pet products to celebrate Independence Day. Offer discounts on toys, accessories, and pet apparel that showcase patriotic flair.

2. Summer Adventures Guide: Create a guide for pet parents on planning pet-friendly summer adventures. Highlight essential items like travel bowls, portable water bottles, and cooling vests, and offer them at a special bundled price.

3. Summer Pet Hydration Campaign: Emphasize the importance of pet hydration during the summer. Offer discounts on water fountains, portable water bowls, and hydrating treats. Encourage your customers to share how they keep their pets hydrated using your products.

4. Vacation Ready Pet Travel Kits: Create travel kits for pets, including collapsible bowls, travel-sized grooming products, and comfortable carriers. Promote these kits as essentials for pet owners planning vacations and offer them at a special price.

5. Christmas in July Pet Gift Sets: Embrace the festive spirit with Christmas in July pet gift sets. Curate themed bundles with toys, treats, and accessories, and offer them at a discounted price.

6. UV Safety Awareness Month: Highlight a curated collection of sun-safe essentials for pets, including UV-blocking pet apparel, protective paw balms, and cooling mats. Emphasize the importance of shielding pets from harmful UV rays.

Important Dates in July:

1. July 1 - International Joke Day:

Segment: All

Campaign Ideas:

  • Laugh With Your Pet: Share a series of lighthearted pet care tips infused with humor. You could also share a limited time coupon code that sounds funny or quirky.
  • Discount for a joke: Conduct a contest that'll reward the participants with a small discount for sharing a creative joke centred around your brand.

2. July 4 - Independence Day:

Segment: United States Customers

Campaign Ideas:

  • Fireworks Safety Tips: Offer tips on keeping pets calm during Independence Day fireworks. Promote calming products, such as anxiety wraps or calming treats, and offer a discount to encourage preparedness.
  • Independence Day Contest: Encourage customers to dress up their pets in a patriotic attire and get a chance to win a prize. Use your email campaign to promote this contest.
  • Independence Day Quiz: Conduct a quiz related to independence day and encourage your subscribers to participate in return for an incentive.

3. July 10 - Kitten Day:

Segment: Cat Owners

Campaign Ideas:

  • Kitten Care Starter Kits: Offer special care kits for kitten owners, including kitten-friendly toys, grooming essentials, and nutritional treats. Provide a discount for those welcoming a new furry family member.
  • Kitten Care Tips: Share tips and tricks on how to take care of kittens during this summer season.

4. July 11 - All American Pet Photo Day:

Segment: United States Customers

Campaign Ideas:

  • Photoshoot Contest: Set up themes that best represent your brand and encourage customers to click photos with their pets for a chance to win a prize or a coupon.

5. July 15 - National Pet Fire Safety Day:

Segment: All

Campaign Ideas:

  • Emergency Preparedness Kits: Promote emergency preparedness kits for pets, including first aid supplies and informational materials. Offer a discount on these kits to encourage pet safety.

4. July 15 - National Give Something Away Day:

Segment: All

Campaign Ideas:

  • Surprise Giveaway: Run a surprise giveaway, encouraging customers to participate by sharing their favorite products. Offer a discount code to all participants.
  • Pay It Forward Sale: Run a promotion where customers can buy one product and get a second at a discounted price. Encourage them to gift the second item to a friend.

5. July 20 - Moon Day:

Segment: All

Campaign Ideas:

  • Lunar Leashes and Collars: Create a limited-edition line of leashes and collars inspired by the moon. Offer a special discount for National Moon Day, and encourage pet parents to adorn their pets with celestial-themed accessories.

6. July 25 - Christmas in July Pet Photoshoot Day:

Segment: All

Campaign Ideas:

  • Festive Photoshoot Contest: Host a Christmas in July pet photoshoot contest. Encourage pet parents to share holiday-themed pet photos for a chance to win a festive pet care package.

7. July 26 - All or Nothing Day:

Segment: All

Campaign Ideas:

  • All-In-One Pet Care Packages: Offer all-in-one pet care packages, including grooming products, toys, and treats. Position these packages as the ultimate way for pet parents to go "all-in" on pampering their pets.

8. July 31 - National Mutt Day:

Segment: Dog Owners

Campaign Ideas:

  • Mutt Appreciation Sale: Celebrate the diversity of mixed-breed dogs with a special sale on dog care products. Encourage customers to share stories and photos of their lovable mutts for a chance to win prizes.

Hope these email campaigns gave you a creative head-start. Feel free to customize these email campaign ideas based on your brand's tone and style. Don't forget to monitor the results to improve them next year.

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