75 Subject lines for Free Gift campaigns to drive open rates

Subject lines are kind of the digital version of letting people know that there's a gift for them. So, it has to evoke similar positive emotions. Let's look at 75 such subject lines

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January 16, 2024
75 Subject lines for Free Gift campaigns to drive open rates

Few months ago, we ran six campaigns for a boutique and two of them were "free gift" campaigns. I placed a bet with my colleagues that these two campaigns will have the highest open rates, and guess who got free lunch….Me!

The subject lines played a huge part in that. Here's one that we used - "🎁 Free gift alert: This is your chance to claim your free gift!".  

Most people like receiving gifts because it makes them feel special and happy. Subject lines are kind of the digital version of letting people know that there's a gift for them. So, it has to evoke similar positive emotions.

Here are 75 such subject lines for your "Free Gift" campaigns:

  1. 🎁 Exclusive Free [Product] Inside!
  2. Claim Your [Product] Goodies Inside!
  3. 🎁 Your Special Gift: [Product] on the House!
  4. 🎁 Free [Product] - Just for You!
  5. It's Gifting Season: Free [Product] Awaits!
  6. 🎉 Gift Alert: Free [Product] for You!
  7. Your Reward: Free [Product] Today!
  8. Get Free [Product], On Your Next Order!
  9. 🎁 Don't Miss Your Free [Product]
  10. Act Fast to Claim Your Free [Product] 🎁
  11. Claim Your Complimentary [Product]
  12. Your Free [Product] is Waiting! 🎁
  13. 🎁 Special Delivery: Free [Product] for You
  14. Grab Your Free [Product] Today!
  15. Enjoy a Bonus: Free [Product] for You!
  16. 🎁 Don't Miss Your Free [Product] Surprise!
  17. Special Delivery: Your Free [Product] Awaits
  18. Exclusive Offer: Free [Product] Included!
  19. Next Order = Free [Product] Bonus! 🎁
  20. Free [Product] - Just Because!
  21. Unwrap the Joy: Free [Product] for You
  22. Your Gift: Free [Product] Inside!
  23. 🌟 Exclusive Bonus: Free [Product] Today
  24. Your Free [Product] is Here! 🎁
  25. Don't Wait! Free [Product] Awaits You
  26. Place An Order >$X, Get Free [Product]
  27. Your [Product] Goodies are Ready!
  28. Get Ready for a Free [Product] Treat
  29. Exclusive Free [Product] - Just for You!
  30. Surprise! Free [Product] with Your Next Order
  31. 🌟 Your Special Gift: Free [Product]
  32. Your [Product] Gift is Waiting for You
  33. Treat Yourself: Free [Product] Included!
  34. Free [Product] Just a Click Away
  35. Don't Miss Your Free [Product] Offer
  36. 🎁 Gift Yourself: Free [Product]
  37. Special Delivery: Free [Product] for You
  38. Get Your Hands on Free [Product] Now!
  39. Get Excited: Free [Product] Inside!
  40. It's a [Product] Party! Yours for Free 🎁
  41. Limited Time: Free [Product] Included
  42. Exclusive Treat: Your [Product] Surprise!
  43. 🌟 A Gift Awaits: Take A Peak Inside!
  44. Time to Celebrate: Your [Product] Inside!
  45. Your Special Day: Free [Product] Included!
  46. Have Fun WIth [Product] - It's On Us!
  47. 🍀 Lucky You! [Product] Inside - Claim It! 🎁
  48. Exclusive Offer: [Product] Included - Grab It!
  49. A Sweet Surprise: [Product] Just for You!
  50. Life is Better with [Product], And It's Free
  51. Your Mini Celebration: [Product] for You!
  52. 🍀 Luck is on Your Side: [Product] Inside!
  53. 🌟 A Little Something Extra: Free [Product] for You!
  54. Make It Yours: Free [Product] On Your Next Order
  55. The Ultimate Gift: Your Exclusive [Product]!
  56. Your [Product] Gift is Ready - Don't Miss Out
  57. Unlock a hidden [Product] gem with this exclusive offer!
  58. Elevate your experience with a bonus [Product]!
  59. Join the fun, receive a complimentary [Product]!
  60. Your feedback is valuable, earn a free [Product]!
  61. A token of our gratitude: Free [Product] for our valued customers!
  62. Celebrate the joy of giving, claim your [Product] gift! 🎁
  63. A delightful surprise awaits, claim your free [Product]!
  64. 🎁 Yo! Free [Product] alert! Claim your goodies now!
  65. Feeling lucky? Scratch here to reveal your free [Product]!
  66. Ding dong! Your free [Product] has arrived! 🎁
  67. Heads up! Free [Product] coming your way!
  68. Don't miss out on this epic [Product] giveaway!
  69. What are you waiting for? Claim your free [Product] now!
  70. 🎁 Free [Product] inside! Open to discover your surprise!
  71. Feeling adventurous? Take a chance to avail your free [Product]!
  72. Attention all [Brand] lovers! Free goodies coming your way!
  73. Hey [Name]! Free [Product] up for grabs! Claim yours now!
  74. 🎁 Surprise! A free [Product] has just landed in your inbox!
  75. In the mood for some fun? Claim your free [Product]!

Don't worry about copy pasting these onto a Google Sheet, we got that covered for you! Spoiler Alert: There are subject lines for other campaigns as well 😉.
For more subject lines, check out this page - Email Subject Lines.

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