These 5 Tips Will Instantly Make You a Better Email Copywriter

It's not always easy to come up with copy that creates intrigue. These tips will make your email copywriting 10x better.

May 8, 2023
These 5 Tips Will Instantly Make You a Better Email Copywriter

Let me show you a trick.

Open your inbox and go to the promotions tab. 

Pick an email. Any email. I’ll wait.

I’m gonna guess how it’s gonna look like:

Your inbox is probably full of emails that fail to capture attention, let alone convince you to take action. I know mine is. However…

It's not always easy to come up with copy that creates intrigue and drives conversions. But…

With the right approach and framework, you can create emails that prime readers to the click and take favorable actions.

Here are 5 tips that will instantly make you better at email copywriting. Well, not instantly. I wanted you to click on the blog (sorry!) but with a bit of practice, I’m sure, you’re gonna be cranking out high-converting emails like a caffeinated Hemingway.

Write to a single person

When you write your sales email, don’t start with Google Docs or the template builder in your ESP. Do it from your Gmail composer. I’m not kidding!

Pick a contact who most resembles the group of people you’re sending your emails to. Write the emails as if you’re sending it to them.

This will force you to write emails that are personal. Michelle from Mississippi will feel like the email was written specifically for her; because it was. 

Or, you could try this.

Do more research than you actually need

You’ll probably need 5 times the research than what you plan on using. 

Dive deep into your audience, their needs, pain points, and desires. Identify top 10 customers and look at their social media. Understand what excites them and what enrages them. 

Next, find stories and stats that relate to your products. Use this to deliver that Disrupt (more on that later).

This research is what will help you find interesting angles and slants that will help come up with the single focus for your email. Speaking of focus…

Write Single Threads

Every email needs a single point of focus. One idea. One problem. One solution. It’s called a single thread.

One of the most important things you need to do in your emails is not give people multiple options. Each line needs to tie in to the next and gradually prime the reader to the click. 

And, that’s what holds the reader’s attention. Or else, the email is gonna pivot and it’s gonna be all over the place.

Use the DIC Framework

The Disrupt-Intrigue-Click Framework will help you craft emails that stand out in the inbox. 

To quickly recap, this is what it means:

Disrupt: Anything that pattern-interrupts; something that can stop the mindless scrolling; 

Your subject line and the opening sentences are essentially the Disrupt. You need to find an angle that can draw the reader’s attention. It can be fear, curiosity, excitement–anything that gives them an emotional tingle.

Intrigue: The next few lines need to keep the attention and satisfy their curiosity. Tell them what’s in it for them. Tell them how they can solve the specific problem outlined in the Disrupt. 

Click: This is how you warm the reader to take a specific action. The entire single-thread leads to this crescendo.

Sell indirectly

The email is not the best place to sell. That’s what your PDPs and landers are for. But…

That doesn’t mean you can’t sell on your emails; you just need to do it without the reader realizing they’re being sold to.

The purpose of an email, to me, is to drive the click. What can you do to fill the reader with curiosity and intrigue that they frantically search for the CTA?

Once they’re on your website, you can go full sales mode there. They expect to be sold something now.

Bonus: A couple of weeks back, Ben Milsom and I broke down an email and rewrote it. You can see how we use these tips in an actual email. I’m pretty sure you’ll find it useful.

Watch it here: Email Breakdown w/ Ben Milsom

That’s all for now, folks! I hope these tips will help you write 10X better emails.

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