20+ Must-Try Email Campaign Ideas for Food and Beverage Brands this May

Discover 30+ powerful email campaign ideas for food and beverage brands to boost sales this May

Campaign Ideas
April 21, 2023
20+ Must-Try Email Campaign Ideas for Food and Beverage Brands this May

May is a month of abundance when it comes to fresh produce, and the perfect time for food and beverage brands to showcase their products. 

With Memorial Day and Mother's Day, there are many opportunities for creative email campaigns that will grab the attention of your subscribers. 

In this blog post, we will explore some exciting email campaign ideas for food and beverage brands that will help you stand out in your subscribers' inbox and increase your sales. 

Whether you're promoting a new product, offering a special deal, or just looking to engage your audience, these email campaign ideas will give you some inspiration for your next marketing campaign.

1. Cinco de Mayo

Create a special promotion for Cinco de Mayo featuring your products. Offer a discount, a special recipe or meal kit, or a cocktail recipe to encourage customers to celebrate with your brand.

2. Mother's Day

Create a campaign focused on treating moms to a special meal or drink. Highlight any products that make great gifts for Mother's Day or offer a discount code for those shopping for moms.

Pro Tip: 

  • Begin at least two weeks prior and gauge their interest in Mother's Day promotions. 
  • Offer them the option to opt-out, as you may not know their personal circumstances. 
  • Send campaigns only to those who have expressed interest. Keep in mind that this is not just a sales campaign; it's about building a deeper connection between your brand and your customer
  • Prepare a solid campaign plan for extended mother’s day

3. Memorial Day

Encourage customers to stock up on your products for their Memorial Day barbecues and gatherings. Offer discounts on your products or create special recipes or meal kits that incorporate your brand.

4. National BBQ Month

May is National BBQ Month, so create a campaign that focuses on grilling and BBQ recipes. Share grilling tips, offer discounts on grilling products, or feature a special recipe or meal kit for customers to try.

5. National Hamburger Month

May is also National Hamburger Month, so create a campaign that showcases your products as the perfect addition to a delicious burger. Share burger recipes, offer discounts on your products, or feature a special burger kit that customers can purchase.

6. Graduation Parties

Many people will be hosting graduation parties in May, so create a campaign that focuses on your products as the perfect addition to these celebrations. Offer discounts on party platters or catering packages, or feature a special recipe or meal kit for customers to try.

7. Spring/Summer Cocktails

With the arrival of warmer weather, customers will be looking for refreshing cocktails to enjoy. Create a campaign that features your products in spring/summer cocktail recipes or offer discounts on cocktail mixers or other relevant products.

8. Promote seasonal ingredients

Highlight the fresh produce and ingredients that are in season during May and share recipe ideas that incorporate them.

9. Share grilling and BBQ recipes

With the weather getting warmer, many people will be firing up their grills. Share some delicious grilling and BBQ recipes that feature your brand's products.

10. Offer a discount for National Wine Day

May 25th is National Wine Day. Offer a special discount on your brand's wine or other products that pair well with wine.

Important Dates in May

1. Star Wars Day | May 04

Segment: All 
Campaign Ideas

May the Fork Be With You recipe collection

Share some of your favorite Star Wars-themed recipes or fun food ideas that tie into the franchise. Encourage subscribers to try them out and share their creations on social media with your branded hashtag.

Star Wars-inspired drink specials

If you offer beverages like coffee, tea, or cocktails, create a special menu for the day featuring drinks with Star Wars-inspired names and flavors. For example, you could offer a "Yoda Matcha Latte" or a "Chewbacca Mocha."

May the 4th Flash Sale

Offer a one-day-only discount on select products or collections to celebrate Star Wars day. Use subject lines like "May the 4th Be With You: Save X% Today Only!" to grab subscribers' attention.

2. Cinco de Mayo | May 05

Segment: All 
Campaign Ideas

Recipe Ideas

Cinco de Mayo is all about food and drinks. You can send recipe ideas for Mexican dishes that can be easily prepared at home. Don't forget to highlight any products or ingredients from your brand that are used in the recipe.

Party Planning

Cinco de Mayo is a great occasion to throw a party. You can provide party planning tips, decor ideas, and even music playlists to help your subscribers plan the perfect Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Discounts and Offers

You can offer special discounts or promo codes for your food and beverage products that are perfect for Cinco de Mayo. Consider bundling products together to create a party pack that subscribers can purchase at a discounted price.

Cocktail Ideas

Cinco de Mayo is also a great occasion for cocktails. Send your subscribers some cocktail recipes that they can easily make at home. Highlight any of your brand's products that can be used in the cocktail.

History and Culture

Take the opportunity to educate your subscribers on the history and culture behind Cinco de Mayo. Share interesting facts and trivia about the holiday and its significance.

3. Mother’s Day | May 14

Segment: Subscriber who opted for mother’s day promotional emails 
Campaign Ideas

Mother's Day Brunch Ideas

Send an email highlighting easy-to-make brunch ideas for Mother's Day, featuring your brand's products as key ingredients.

Special Discount Offer

Offer a discount on your products for Mother's Day and send an email to your subscribers, promoting the sale.

Personalized Recipe Book

Send an email with a personalized recipe book for your subscribers to make for their mothers on Mother's Day.

Gift Guide

Create a Mother's Day gift guide and send an email showcasing your brand's products that make perfect gifts for mothers.

Share Customer Stories

Share heartwarming customer stories of mothers and their favorite food and beverage products from your brand.

Virtual Cooking Class

Host a virtual cooking class on Mother's Day and promote it to your subscribers via email.

4. Memorial Day | May 05

Segment: All 
Campaign Ideas

Memorial Day cookout recipes

Create a recipe book with some of your best BBQ and cookout recipes that are perfect for Memorial Day. Send it out to your email list to inspire them to host their own Memorial Day cookout.

Memorial Day sale

Offer a Memorial Day sale on some of your most popular products. Send out an email campaign to your subscribers with details of the sale, including any special discounts or promo codes.

Use these ideas as a starting point and tailor them to your brand's unique voice and messaging to create effective and impactful email campaigns. Be creative, have fun, and make sure to keep your campaigns relevant to your target audience. 

Good luck!

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