6 Burning BFCM Questions, answered by  email experts

We sought the expertise of four seasoned professionals on LinkedIn to demystify a few burning questions and shed light on the strategies that work work this BFCM

October 18, 2023
6 Burning BFCM Questions, answered by  email experts

In the midst of this biggest shopping holiday, questions are rife. What strategies can brands employ to maximize their sales? How can they navigate the already-crowded inboxes and stand out? Is there a magic formula to ensure a successful BFCM campaign amidst fierce competition? To demystify these burning questions and shed light on the strategies that work, I sought the expertise of four seasoned professionals on LinkedIn.

Join me as we dig deep into their minds and uncover the secrets to unlock the keys to a successful and lucrative holiday season.

1. What are some segments that brands overlook but could benefit the ROI from email? 

“Running a re-engagement campaign before the BFCM season increases the amount of people in your engaged segment and thus leading to more conversions during the actual sale.
I also think it’s important to look at people who have purchased in the past years around the same time. So someone who has bought during last year’s BFCM might be inclined towards buying this year as well, so it's good to include them into the fold."

Hassan Ali Ahsan | Linkedin

Hassan is a Retention Marketing Specialist at Magnet Monster being in the Email Marketing space for 3+ years. He offers consultation calls to agencies and brands to provide his insights on email marketing strategies.

2. Does tweaking the email design to match the BFCM season affect CTR?

“Tweaking the email design to match the BFCM absolutely affects the click rate (positively). The main reason is relevancy. When something is seasonal and popular, like BFCM time, it's our responsibility to make sure our customers are aware of that. And when we do that, people start to engage with us and purchase from us.

Tips to create good emails for BFCM

Mobile optimization

If the design is created inside a design tool, then we need to make sure they are mobile friendly (because most designs are not).

Strong headlines

Use compelling language in the headline that makes the email stand out. 

CTA above the fold

CTA above the fold increases the overall CTR. 


Fresh marketing angles that give serious urgency.”

Nambi Rajan | LinkedIn

Nambi Rajan is the founder of Marketing Times and is an Email Marketing Specialist with >3 years of experience. He can help you grow your business with email and SMS marketing. 

3. What can you avoid while writing the subject line?

“It's all about standing out in the cluttered inbox. And during BFCM, this becomes even more important, because brands increase their sending frequency. I have seen better results with subject lines that don't mention BFCM keywords, because it's a pattern break and grabs attention.”
- Sidhartha Sekhar Sahoo

4. What are some automations that can be tweaked for BFCM?

“These are the 4 flows that you must tweak to match the offer; 

  1. Welcome flow
  2. Checkout abandonment
  3. Cart abandonment 
  4. Browse abandonment.“

- Sidhartha Sekhar Sahoo

5. What is a good A/B testing practice to follow?

“Testing is the name of the game in marketing. But I think most of the AB test should be done and dialed in already just before the BFCM. Now you are in a better position to send the best performing subject line types, copy angle, offers etc that you already know resonates more with your subscribers.”

- Sidhartha Sekhar Sahoo

Sidhartha Sekhar Sahoo | LinkedIn

Sidhartha Sekhar Sahoo is the Head of Deliverability at Magnet Monster and has been in the field for 10+ years. He offers services in automation, copywriting, landing page optimization and more.

6. What do you need for BFCM inbox success other than subject lines?

“The subject line is essential, but it's not the only game in town. Here's what you need for inbox success:

- Sender reputation
- Compelling content
- List hygiene: Clean, relevant, and up-to-date
- Authentication & security
- Sending frequency
- Feedback loops: Listen to your audience
- Deliverability testing: Catch issues before you send”

Cristina Solis Costa | LinkedIn

Cristina is a Growth Marketing Specialist in the D2C market with over a decade of experience and a strong background in email, SMS, and direct mail. She can help you elevate your retention and loyalty strategies to the next level.

If you’re looking for a complete BFCM email marketing guide, check out our BFCM 2023 Email Marketing Handbook.

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