20 creative campaign ideas for skincare and beauty brands this August

Here are 20 campaign ideas for skincare and beauty brands to try as we step into August and the seasonal change it brings along.

Campaign Ideas
February 15, 2024
20 creative campaign ideas for skincare and beauty brands this August

As we step into August, the summer breeze starts fading and paves way for new innovative campaigns for brands looking to switch things up.

In this blog, we'll walk you through the entire August calendar, offering email campaign ideas tailored to each event. From preparing for school to achieving a youthful look, these campaigns can be customized based on your goals.

Let's dive into the different campaigns to run this August and make your brand shine!

1. Back-to-School Beauty Prep:

Create a "Back-to-School Beauty Prep" campaign with essentials like quick makeup routines, easy skincare solutions, and on-the-go products. Provide discounts for students or those embracing a new routine as summer winds down.

2. End-of-Summer Revival:

Acknowledge the end of summer with an "End-of-Summer Revival" campaign. Highlight products that help revive and rejuvenate the skin after sun exposure. Offer discounts on skincare essentials for a refreshing post-summer beauty routine.

3. Last-Minute Summer Plan Essentials:

Curate a "Last-Minute Summer Escape Essentials" collection and feature travel-sized beauty products, sun protection items, and versatile cosmetics suitable for a last-minute escape.

4. August Energizing Picks:

Create an "August Energizing Picks" campaign featuring products known for their revitalizing properties to help customers combat end-of-summer fatigue. Provide discounts or other incentives on these products.

5. Nature's Transition Palette:

Celebrate the changing colors of nature in August with a "Nature's Transition Palette" campaign. Feature makeup products inspired by the hues of late summer, such as warm earthy tones. Offer discounts on the palette to align with the evolving season.

Important Dates in August:

1. National Respect for Parents Day - Aug 1:

Segment: Customers Age <50

Campaign Idea:

  • Parent Appreciation Sale: Offer a special discount on best sellers, encouraging customers to treat their parents or caregivers with thoughtful gifts. Highlight products that promote relaxation and self-care.

2. National Grab Some Nuts Day - Aug 3

Segment: All

Campaign idea:

  • Nut Education: Share the benefits that different kind of nuts used in your products.

3. National Girlfriend Day - Aug 1:

Segment: All

Campaign Idea:

  • Glow Together Bundle: Create a "Glow Together Bundle" featuring products meant for sharing with girlfriends. Offer exclusive discount for purchases made as gifts.

4. National Hair Gloss Day - Aug 3:

Segment: Hair related item buyers

Campaign Ideas:

  • Shine Bright Campaign: Showcase haircare products that enhance shine and offer exclusive discounts on gloss-inducing treatments and serums.
  • Glossy Hair Tips: Share few tips and tricks with customers on how to maintain a glossy hair for longer periods of time.

5. National Sisters Day - Aug 4:

Segment: All

Campaign Idea:

  • Sisterly Love: Feature products that can be shared with sisters. Offer special discounts for purchases made as gifts or offer Buy One Get One offers.

6. National Friendship Day - Aug 4:

Segment: All

Campaign Ideas:

  • Friendship Bundle Deal: Create a "Friendship Bundle Deal" with products meant for sharing. Encourage customers to celebrate friendship with exclusive discounts on bundles for themselves and their friends.
  • Friendship BOGO: Promote a BOGO sale by encouraging customers to buy a product and give the extra to their a friend.
  • Refer A Friend: Encourage your subscribers to refer a friend in return for incentives for both the parties.

7. National Youth Day - Aug 12:

Segment: All

Campaign Ideas:

  • Youthful Glow: Promote products that'll give customers a youth look and talk about their benefits.
  • Youthful Review: Encourage customers to share the young look they've maintained using your products. Give participants a small incentive.

8. National Relaxation Day - Aug 15:

Segment: All

Campaign Idea:

  • Relaxation Retreat Kit: Introduce a "Relaxation Retreat Kit" featuring products known for their calming properties. Provide discounts to help customers unwind and celebrate National Relaxation Day.

9. National Tell A Joke Day - Aug 16

Segment: All

Campaign ideas:

  • Laugh and Stay Healthy: Share a some lighthearted health tips infused with humor. Offer a coupon code that sounds quirky and funny.
  • Discount for a joke: Conduct a contest that'll reward the participants with a small discount for sharing a creative joke centred around your brand.

10. National I Love My Feet Day - Aug 17:

Segment: Feet related item buyers

Campaign Idea:

  • Feet Pampering Essentials: Create a campaign around "Feet Pampering Essentials" and highlight products designed for foot care and pampering. Offer discounts on pedicure kits, foot creams, and soothing treatments.

As we say goodbye to the summer shine, we hope these campaign ideas spark inspiration and set the stage for the month. Now all that's left to do is put these campaigns to work and monitor the results.

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