8 ways to make your email design pop

Great designs stand out and drive action. Use these 8 ways to create extraordinary emails that your customers will love

August 4, 2023
8 ways to make your email design pop

With Online brands raining down emails like confetti at a New Years’ Party, it’s crucial that your emails shimmy and shake to stand out from the crowd

It’s not enough to be another fish in the sea. No sirree! Good designs get noticed. Great designs stand out and drive action. Let’s take a look at the different ways to transform your ordinary to extraordinary.

The art of the aesthetic

Ever stumbled upon a picture-perfect café while doom-scrolling Instagram reels and felt the urge to learn more? Same goes for your emails. 

Use a well-thought-out color palette that whispers your brand's story, and juggle different fonts and colors. 

Bonus Tip: Monochromes aren't just black and white. Unleash your creativity while keeping a uniform and sophisticated appearance.

Animate to Captivate

Adding animation in your emails is a powerful way to stand out. The moving and shaking bits grab attention and help readers process the content faster. Animated emails demand attention and help recipients process content more quickly. Have a GIF party, use quirky illustrations, or interactive buttons to make the email more engaging.

Life in Technicolor

Vibrant colors are eye-catching and can grab the attention; there’s a reason why people stop and stare at rainbows. 

Injecting vibrant hues into your emails can give them an aura of excitement and energy. Play around with text and backgrounds - the right balance of contrast improves readability. When an inbox is as cluttered as a teenager's room, vibrant-colored emails are the shining disco balls that invite people in. 

Embrace the Dark Side

According to a survey conducted by The Small Business blog, 82.7% of  people use the dark mode on their devices. Keep this stat in mind when you craft your perfect email. You need to create a comfortable reading environment for your recipients while giving your email a sleek and modern look.

3D is the New Black

3D images in an email gives life to the email while standing out from the 2D crowd. When done right, 3D creates a 'wow' factor that leaves a lasting impression, giving readers a view of your product from multiple angles – just like in a physical store.

Neon Dream

In a sea of regular emails, neon colors break the monotony and make your email stand out from others in the inbox. They're bright, intense, and provide eye-catching visuals. 

Bonus point: Neon harmonizes well with dark mode. But remember, too much neon can sting – use it for highlighting elements only.

Vintage Vibes

Retro never retires! 

Take a leaf out of fashion's playbook - chunky sneakers, denim, and vintage photography never lose their charm. To give your email that old-school magic: lower color saturation, decrease contrast, and up the grain. It's time for your emails to rock some bell-bottoms and disco!

Text vs. visuals 

Research suggests that human attention spans are shorter than a goldfish's (shocking, right?). People tend to scan emails rather than read them. So, balancing the text and visuals in your email is key. It's like composing a symphony; the right blend of elements can enhance readability and help convey your message strongly.

Using unique designs can be exciting, but remember, you're creating an email, not a Jackson Pollock painting. Overdoing elements could make your reader's eyes cross, and we don't want that. Use these tips wisely and transform your emails from plain-jane monologue to red carpet-worthy!

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