30+ Must-Try Email Campaign Ideas for Jewelry and Luxury Brands this May

Discover 20+ effective email campaign ideas for jewelry brands to boost engagement and sales this May.

Campaign Ideas
April 21, 2023
30+ Must-Try Email Campaign Ideas for Jewelry and Luxury Brands this May

With Mother's Day and Memorial Day, there are plenty of occasions to inspire gift-giving and shopping for luxury products. 

Additionally, May marks the beginning of wedding season, making it an excellent time to showcase bridal collections and engagement rings. 

In this blog post, we will explore creative email campaign ideas for jewelry and luxury brands to boost sales and engagement during the month of May.

From highlighting unique pieces to showcasing limited-time offers, these email campaign ideas will help you stand out and make a lasting impression on your audience.

1. Mother's Day specials

Send an email to your subscribers with gift ideas for Mother's Day, along with a special discount or offer.

Pro Tip: 

  • Begin at least two weeks prior and gauge their interest in Mother's Day promotions. 
  • Offer them the option to opt-out, as you may not know their personal circumstances. 
  • Send campaigns only to those who have expressed interest. Keep in mind that this is not just a sales campaign; it's about building a deeper connection between your brand and your customer
  • Prepare a solid campaign plan for extended mother’s day

2. Summer jewelry trends

Share the latest summer jewelry trends with your subscribers, along with styling tips and product recommendations.

3. Memorial Day sale

Offer a Memorial Day sale to your subscribers and promote it through an email campaign.

4. Birthstone of the month

Feature the birthstone of the month and highlight jewelry pieces that incorporate it. You could also float a survey to get their birthdays. Send a tailored campaign for the people who were born in May.

5. Graduation gift ideas

Provide your subscribers with gift ideas for graduates, such as personalized jewelry pieces or watches.

6. Limited edition collection

Launch a limited edition jewelry collection for the month of May and promote it through email campaigns.

7. Wedding season

With wedding season upon us, send an email campaign featuring bridal jewelry and accessories.

8. Sustainable jewelry

Highlight your brand's commitment to sustainability by showcasing eco-friendly and ethical jewelry pieces.

9. Flash sale

Surprise your subscribers with a flash sale on a specific day or for a limited time period.

10. International Day of Families

Celebrate International Day of Families by offering a family jewelry collection and sharing heartwarming stories and photos from your customers.

11. Jewelry care tips

Provide your subscribers with jewelry care tips and tricks, such as how to clean and store their jewelry properly.

12. Customer stories

Share customer stories and testimonials, along with photos of them wearing your jewelry pieces, to inspire your subscribers.

Important Dates in May

1. Star Wars Day | May 04

Segment: All 
Campaign Ideas

May the Force be with You

Use this iconic Star Wars quote to create a special offer or promotion for your audience. For example, offer a discount code or free gift with purchase for all orders placed on May the 4th.

2. Mother’s Day | May 14

Segment: Subscribers who have opted for mother’s day promotional emails 
Campaign Ideas

Mother's Day gift guide

Create a gift guide featuring your most popular jewellery pieces that make perfect gifts for mothers. Highlight your bestsellers and suggest pairings to help your subscribers choose the perfect gift for their mom.

Personalized gift recommendations

Send an email with personalized gift recommendations based on the recipient's style and preferences. Use data from their past purchases or browsing history to suggest the perfect pieces for their mom.

Mother-daughter matching jewelry

Highlight your mother-daughter matching jewelry sets and encourage subscribers to buy one for themselves and one for their mom. This creates a special bond and a memorable moment between mother and daughter.

Limited-time offers

Offer special discounts or promotions on specific jewelry pieces for a limited time during the Mother's Day period. This will incentivize subscribers to purchase from you before the promotion ends.

Inspirational stories

Share inspirational stories about mothers and how your jewelry pieces have brought joy and love to their lives. This will evoke emotions and resonate with your subscribers, encouraging them to purchase a special piece for their own mother.

3. National Sunscreen Day | May 27

Segment: All 
Campaign Ideas

Stay Cool and Stylish this Summer with Our Sun-Ready Jewelry Collection

Showcase a range of jewelry items that can be worn during outdoor activities while also promoting skin protection.

Get Summer-Ready with Our Must-Have Sun-Proof Accessories

Offer a range of premium sun-proof accessories such as hats, sunglasses, and jewelry that can be worn for a day out in the sun.

Summer Essentials: Our Jewelry Collection for National Sunscreen Day

Promote your latest collection that incorporates summer-ready items such as beads, shells, and colorful stones.

4. Memorial Day | May 29

Segment: All 
Campaign Ideas

Memorial Day sale

Offer exclusive discounts and promotions in honor of Memorial Day. You could offer a percentage off all purchases or select items.

Gift ideas

Encourage customers to celebrate the holiday by gifting their loved ones with beautiful jewelry pieces. Provide gift guides with suggestions for each person on their list.

Limited edition pieces

Create limited edition pieces specifically for Memorial Day. These pieces could create a sense of exclusivity and urgency.

Use these ideas as a starting point and tailor them to your brand's unique voice and messaging to create effective and impactful email campaigns. Be creative, have fun, and make sure to keep your campaigns relevant to your target audience. 

Good luck!

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