4 Ways You Can Use the Authority Principle to Convert Your Subscribers

Learn how to use the Authority Principle in Your Email Campaigns by displaying expertise

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March 21, 2023
4 Ways You Can Use the Authority Principle to Convert Your Subscribers

You know how most toothpaste ads showcase a bunch of doctors in lab coats? Or, why every frickin’ SaaS website is plastered with G2 badges. Or, why I’ve name-dropped Robert Cialdini 3 times in this series. (very meta, I know!)

We’re so bad when faced with unfamiliar circumstances, we look up to experts or those in positions of authority for guidance and advice. 

Dr. Cialdini breaks down the authority principle into 3 factors that trigger our subconscious compliance: 

  • Titles (Dr, Prof., Ph.D, Expert, CEO)
  • Clothing (Uniform, Lab coats, Suits)
  • Accessories (Badges, expensive cars, rosary)

We need that mental shortcut to build trust quickly.

How to use it

The credibility of any message relates to the person delivering it. The most effective way to communicate credibility is showcasing your expertise. 

Let’s say you run a health supplement brand. There’s a reason why you started the company, right?

Use that to establish authority.

You can also work with influencers and experts in your industry to piggyback on their authority. Use logos and badges that signify trust to show shoppers that your products have been certified or approved by a reputable organization.

Pro Tip: Pay attention layout, typography, images, consistency while designing your emails

Here are a few ways you can leverage authority in your email marketing:

  • Send staff picks every month
  • Send expert picks working with influencers
  • Use reputed studies and advice from experts in your space that support the benefits of your products
  • Feature endorsements from industry experts, influencers, or celebrities
  • Share awards or recognition from reputable organizations


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