20 strategic email campaign ideas for skincare and beauty brands this July

Here's 20 campaign ideas for skincare and beauty brands to use for this July. Be it general campaigns or campaigns tailored for specific dates in July, we've got you covered.

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February 5, 2024
20 strategic email campaign ideas for skincare and beauty brands this July

As the July temperatures rise, summer vibes take centre stage sprinkled with fun outdoor activities and patriotic celebration. This is a perfect time for skincare and beauty brands like yours to kick the creativity into sixth gear for your email campaigns. From Independence Day to summer skincare tips, we've got your July covered with creative ideas to engage your audience and increase sales.

In this blog, we'll guide you through the entire July calendar, offering email campaign ideas tailored to each event. Whether you're promoting sun-kissed looks, beach essentials, or simply celebrating the season, these strategies can be customized to suit your brand's unique goals.

Let's dive in and explore some hot email campaign ideas that will make your brand shine this July!

1. Guide to glow in the sunshine:

Share a guide that'll help your customers how to achieve the perfect sun-kissed summer glow using your products. Offer a bundle with these products at a special price.

2. Beach Resistant Makeup:

Highlight waterproof and sweat-resistant makeup perfect for beach days. Recommend skincare products that combat the effects of sun and saltwater.

3. UV Safety Awareness Month:

Promote sun care products with special discounts to raise awareness about UV safety and share tips on protecting the skin from UV rays and the importance of sunscreen.

4. Beat the Heat Sale:

Offer a "Beat the Heat" sale with cooling skincare products, hydrating mists, and lightweight cosmetics. Highlight the benefits of each product in staying refreshed during the summer months.

5. Pool Party Prep Guide:

Create a guide on how to prep for pool parties with waterproof and long-lasting beauty products. Feature your brand's pool-friendly items and offer a discount on the suggested products.

Important Dates in July:

1. July 1 - International Joke Day:

Segment: All

Campaign Ideas:

  • Laugh & Glow: Share a series of lighthearted beauty tips or makeup tutorials infused with humor. You could also share a limited time coupon code that sounds funny or quirky.
  • Discount for a joke: Conduct a contest that'll reward the participants with a small discount for sharing a creative joke centred around your brand.

2. July 4 - Independence Day Sale:

Segment: United States Customers

Campaign Ideas:

  • Flash Sale: Host a flash sale for Independence Day with limited-time discounts on select products. Use patriotic themes in your email design to capture the holiday spirit.
  • Red, White, and Beautiful Collection: Create a special collection featuring red, white, and blue products and bundle them for a lower price.

3. July 15 - National Give Something Away Day:

Segment: All

Campaign Ideas:

  • Surprise Giveaway: Run a surprise giveaway, encouraging customers to participate by sharing few words about their favorite products. Offer a discount code to all participants.
  • Pay It Forward Sale: Run a promotion where customers can buy one product and get a second at a discounted price. Encourage them to gift the second item to a friend.

5. July 24 - International Self-Care Day:

Segment: All

Campaign Ideas:

  • Self-Care Essentials: Highlight a selection of self-care products. Offer a discount on them or provide a bundle deal to encourage customers to treat themselves.
  • My Skincare Routine: Share the skincare routine of someone from the company to showcase how they use the products for self-care.
  • Customer's Skincare Routine: Encourage customers to share their own self-care routine for an incentive.

6. July 22 - July 25 - Christmas in July Sale

Segment: All

Campaign Ideas:

  • Festive Countdown Deals: Run a week-long countdown to July 25 with daily deals on different products. Give out different offers each day and make people anticipate your email this week.
  • Limited-Edition Christmas Collection: Create a limited time Christmas-themed collection and offer subscribers only discounts on it.

7. July 26 - National Aunt and Uncle's Day:

Segment: Customers age <50

Campaign Idea:

  • Family Beauty Time: Encourage customers to gift products to their Aunts and Uncles. Offer a laddered discount as they add more items to the cart.

Segment: Customers age >50

Campaign idea:

  • Happy Aunt and Uncle's Day: Wish the subscribers in this segment a happy aunt and uncle's day and provide a time limited discount to make the day better for them.

8. July 30 - International Day of Friendship:

Segment: All

Campaign Idea:

  • Friendship BOGO: Promote a BOGO sale by encouraging customers to buy a product and give the extra to a friend.
  • Refer a friend: Encourage your subscribers to refer a friend in return for incentives for both the parties.

As the summer continues to shine, we hope these campaign ideas spark inspiration and set the stage for the month. Now all that's left to do is put these campaigns to work and monitor the results.

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