How to retain your BFCM shoppers

Discover proven strategies to keep Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) shoppers coming back. Boost customer retention after the big sale!

October 19, 2023
How to retain your BFCM shoppers

For many online store owners, the BFCM rush often translates into a whirlwind of one-time bargain hunters, leaving little room for cultivating lasting relationships with their customers.

Picture BFCM as that exhilarating first date; to transform that fleeting encounter into a lasting romance with your brand, you'll need to invest in nurturing strategies that go beyond the discount thrill.

Let's delve into tactics that can help you build enduring connections and ace your BFCM game.

Loyalty program 

Don't let the BFCM momentum fade away with one-time purchases.

Introduce a loyalty program that entices customers to stick around for the long haul. According to a survey by Queue, 84% of customers are more likely to stick with a brand that offers loyalty programs. 

Showcase the benefits of enrollment, from exclusive rewards and cashbacks to enticing discounts. Maintaining consistent communication throughout the year, such as tailored campaigns and newsletters, can keep your brand on their radar.

Post-purchase interaction

The sale isn't the end of the story. Show your appreciation with follow-up emails, expressing gratitude for their support and inviting feedback. Add value by sharing educational content or FAQs that enhance their product experience. Positive interactions and effective communication can pave the way for repeated engagement.

Offer subscriptions

If your product allows it, offer monthly subscriptions as that can generate recurring revenue for your brand. Customers who subscribe to your package are less likely to shop from a different brand which increases their LTV. 

If your brand deals in skincare, beauty, or any products that require regular replenishment, you have a great opportunity to encourage them to subscribe and show them how much they could be saving as a regular subscriber, highlighting the value and convenience your package can provide.

 Engage through social media

Engage with your customers on all channels–especially by having a strong social media presence. Beyond mere transactions, use social platforms to share valuable information, brand updates, and your involvement in social causes.

Encourage interaction, prompting them to share their experiences. Incorporate social media links in your communications, inviting them to join loyalty programs or subscriptions.

Exceed customers expectation

BFCM can be chaotic but make sure your customer service is top-notch. Offer multiple swift delivery options, personalized support, and consistent stock availability. Going the extra mile in customer care can be the key to fostering loyalty. Implementing automated responses to FAQs can streamline the support process.

Cross-sell and up-sell 

Recommending products that are related to customer's past purchases is an effective strategy for customer retention. When customers are happy with their previous purchases, they are more likely to continue buying items that are related or complementary to their previous choices. This not only enhances their shopping experience but also encourages them to make repeat purchases.

So now that you know BFCM isn't only about getting sales but also retaining your customers use these strategies to nurture long-term relationships with your customers, keep engaging with them and keep the magic going.

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