How to Use the Liking Principle to Make Your Customers Fall In Love With Your Brand (+ 5 Examples)

Learn how to leverage the Liking Principle to make your customers love your brand and sell more.

Marketing Psychology
March 20, 2023
How to Use the Liking Principle to Make Your Customers Fall In Love With Your Brand (+ 5 Examples)

Do you remember the last time your bff decided things for you? You (secretly) wanted Sushi and they said they wanted Italian. Then you both went to Bertucci’s.

We’re influenced by people we like–even when we don’t have the time or when we’re not enthusiastic about the whole idea. It’s how we’re wired.

And, we associate the liking we have for them with the products they endorse.

In his book, Cialdini states a few reasons why we like someone:

  • Physical attractiveness
  • Similarity
  • Common goals
  • Compliments

There’s a natural inclination for us to want to be liked. So, we are more likely to do things we believe will increase the chances of being liked by others.

How to use it

Use visually appealing design elements, such as high-quality images and graphics, to make your emails more attractive and engaging. This can help to create a positive impression and encourage the recipient to take action.

There are several ways you can use the liking principle in your email campaigns:

  • Share your story. If it’s something personal and relatable, you’ll be able to build familiarity with your subscribers. Talk about how you started or a situation that inspired a particular product line.
  • Thank your subscribers for supporting your brand or for making a purchase. 
  • Send a campaign focusing on shared interests or experiences between your brand and your subscribers. For example, you could make a campaign about a trending TV Show or a sporting event.
  • Feature behind-the-scenes content, such as photos or videos, showcasing the people and processes behind your brand.
  • Collaborate with influencers or celebrities who share similar interests or values as your brand. 


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