Not all emails are supposed to sell

Email have one of the best ROI but that's not all you should be focusing on. It helps you stand out as a brand among various competitors which helps you in the long run.

March 12, 2024
Not all emails are supposed to sell

…but email marketing brings in $44 for every $1.

Sure, if you want to go hog wild on selling your products, it can bring in even more. I mean, making money is any brand's end goal right? And if salesy emails = revenue, why not just continue with it? It'll work great…..yeah…only if you have a monopoly in the market.

With a lot of competition though, people start looking for the cream of the crop, and top tier product quality might just not be enough. Providing valuable content along the customer journey stamps a lasting impression on people's minds and email helps you do that.

Start by segmenting your audience and finding out the type of content that'd work best for them. It could be an email about outfit suggestions for <month> or one that showcases the positive impact your customers make by choosing you.

Content like these help your customers connect with you on a brand level rather than just the product level and in the long run, they'll stick with you and advocate for you.

A brand proficient in both the art of selling and the art of connecting with the customers, will ultimately build a more loyal audience base compared to a brand that solely focused on mastering the art of selling.

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