75 subject lines for last chance campaigns to drive FOMO

Sometimes people will engage with your discount email but might not be ready to buy just yet. They need a little nudge, like a Last Chance email with a captivating subject line. Lets take a look at it

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January 16, 2024
75 subject lines for last chance campaigns to drive FOMO

Now, if you're looking to invest in email marketing, this would have caught your attention and you might have even opened it if it was in your inbox. This is what "Last Chance" email subject lines are all about, creating FOMO and sense of urgency to drive action.

Take an imaginary subscriber for instance (me): I've opened your initial campaigns offering a discount, even clicked on them, but haven't made that final jump yet.

Maybe something else came up, or I was just not ready to make that purchase at that time. But with a little nudge, like another email with a captivating subject line, I definitely would buy.

There could be 100's of other subscribers who might need that little nudge like me, and if you're selling a $10 item, that's a potential $1000 laying out there for you to grab.

So, here's 75 last chance subject lines that drives FOMO and action:

1. Last Day Alert : Save [X]% on [Product Category] Range!

2. This ends in a FLASH

3. LAST CHANCE: Extra [X]% off all sale styles

4. ⚪️⚫️🔵️ LAST CHANCE: [X]% OFF ️ 🔵⚫️⚪️

5. LAST CALL: Sale Ends Tonight

6. ⏰ Last Chance: [X]% Off Everything ⏰

7. Last Chance—Save up to [X]% Sitewide!

8. Last Call for Up to [X]% OFF!

9. Last Day: An Extra [X]% Off Sale

10. FINAL HOURS: Save up to [X]%

11. Last chance. Don't say we didn't warn you!

12. Last chance to receive a gift with select purchases

13. Last Call for [Offer]—Ends Tonight!

14. FINAL HOURS: BOGO [X]% Off on Goodies

15. LAST CHANCE⏳Get’em Before They’re Gone

16. [LAST CHANCE] Don't miss out on this deal

17. Last call for you to save on essential items!

18. Your offer won't last forever

19. Last Few Hours Before Our Sale Ends 😱

20. Last chance! Shop the $[X] Flash Sale

21. Last chance to avail EXTRA [X]% OFF ⏰

22. Hey, Last chance for [X]% OFF!

23. Don't wait!Last Day Alert: Upto [X]% OFF at [Brand]!


25. Final Countdown: Last Chance on Savings!

26. ⌛Time's Ticking: Don't Miss Out!

27. 🕒 Last Call for Exclusive Deals!

28. Your Final Shot at Discounts!

29. Last Chance to Save Big!

30. Closing the Book on Savings!

31. 🔥 The Heat Is On Until Tonight: Last Call!

32. Last Chance: Don't Let This Slip Away!

33. Last Chance: [X]% Off On Your Next Order

34. ⌛ Time's Running Out for Deals!

35. Act Now, Time Is Running Out!

36. 🚀 Don't Miss Your Final Shot At Savings

37. Time's Ticking: Last Call!

38. Final Opportunity to Save Big!

39. Your Last Chance for Deals!

40. Last Chance Before You Say Farewell to Savings

41. Last Call for Discounts!

42. Don't Wait Any Longer!

43. 🔥 Last Chance: The Sale Heat Fades Tonight

44. Exclusive Offer Ending Soon!

45. Last Call on Citywide Sale!

46. ⌛ Time's Running Out: Last Call to Save

47. 🚨 Final Reminder: Deals end tonight

48. ⌛ Last Call for Big Savings!

49. Save Now or Regret Later!

50. 🕒 Time's Almost Up: Last Chance!

51. ⚡️ Lightning Deal Ending Soon!

52. Discounts Say Goodbye Tonight!

53. Can't Delay Anymore, Save Today!

54. Hurry Before It's Gone!

55. 🔥 Last Chance for Hot Deals!

56. Final Chance to Grab Exclusive Deals!

57. Act Fast, Time is Limited!

58. Last Chance for [Offer]!

59. 💡 Last Hours of Savings!

60. The Sale's Grand Finale: Last Call!

61. ⌛ Time's Almost Up: Last Call!

62.Last Call for Big Discounts!

63. ⏳ Your Clock Is Ticking!

64. Last 24 hours ⏳ to save up to [X]%!!

65. Time Sensitive Update - Only 12 Hours left! ⏰

66. Final Day to Claim Your Deals

67. ⏰Tick-tock: Deal Ends Soon

68. You don't have time

69. This is your last chance...

70. Last Call to Shop The Sale

71. You're About To Miss Out 🫣

72. Last Chance! ⌛ We Mean It This Time!

73. Final Countdown Starts Now

74. Last Chance: Save before you sleep

75. Last Call: Sale Disappears After You Wake Up

We know you'd like this in a Google Sheet, So feel free to use it. Spoiler Alert: There's subject lines for other campaigns as well 😉.
For more subject lines, check out this page - Email Subject Lines.

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