Email campaigns you need to ramp up your BFCM sale

Use these 8 email campaigns ideas to ramp up your BFCM sale this year and incorporate this to see a sales spike this season.

September 20, 2023
Email campaigns you need to ramp up your BFCM sale

We all know that email marketing is one of the highest ROI producing marketing channels, bringing in $44 for every $1 spent, yada yada yada.

But… what if I told you could push it a bit further during the year's biggest holiday season.

With email campaigns and automations, nurture your customers to bring the holiday shopping vibes before BFCM even starts. We've talked about BFCM email automations in a previous blog, so let's focus on campaigns in this one.

Teaser campaign

Kicking things off with a teaser campaign is a brilliant way to build anticipation about your upcoming BFCM sale. Instead of simply announcing your sale, give them a lil' more; a sneak peek to drive excitement.

Encourage your subscribers to turn notifications on to know when the sale goes live. Personalize the campaign by showing products that'll be on sale.

Early access campaign

Early access is a special kind of exclusivity; it gives your customers a feeling of privilege by letting them be the first people to experience something.

Make sure you send this campaign to your VIP and Loyal customer segments to make them feel special. You'll not only reward your best customers but also get enough social proof for when you open the sale to the larger audience.

Add a countdown timer along with it and voila! You have a perfect mix of motivation and FOMO in a single campaign.

Last minute rush campaign

On the last day of your BFCM sale, it's time to create a frenzy and encourage customers to act quickly. Send a series of emails throughout the day, with enough breathing room for your readers.

Use a countdown timer, showcase the best-selling products, and emphasize the urgency as the sale nears its end. Offer last-minute incentives that provide that extra nudge needed to convert.

"Today's special deal" campaign

If you are running unique deals on each day of the BFCM week, a :"Today's special campaign" is key. There's two ways to go about it:

  • Send an email one day before BFCM with the list of deals you will be offering on each day. Subsequently, send the special deal email until the end of BFCM. This helps your customer to plan their spending on your products. Or;
  • Send the first "today's special deal" email and tease your readers to expect the second day deal. This way, you create suspense and increase engagement.

Gamified campaign

Keep your customers engaged with interactive emails like spin the wheel, scratch cards, etc. Offer BFCM incentives as possible rewards. Make the CTA stand out, so it's easier for readers to claim the rewards.

High spending BFCM customers campaign

Devote a campaign to appreciating your high-spending customers during BFCM.

Offer them special incentives or gifts on their next order, or take the opportunity to promote your loyalty program. You could also request product reviews or ask them to submit feedback in exchange for a thoughtful gift. It's a small gesture that can go a long way in building long-term customer loyalty.

BFCM bundle campaign

If you've created product bundles for this BFCM, let your customers know that with a campaign. Highlight the value of these bundles compared to purchasing items individually, emphasizing the cost savings and benefits of buying them together.

Limited stock and deals

Emphasize the scarcity of stock to ignite FOMO. Mention how many units are left in stock or how many items have been sold within a specific time.

Similarly, stress the time-limited nature of your deals by displaying countdown timers or stating that a deal ends in a matter of hours. For example, "20% off deal ends in 2 hours" or "Get $15 off - ends tonight." This sense of urgency can significantly boost conversions.

Let your creativity run wild and design emails that'll capture attention and drive conversions. Avoid these common BFCM mistakes and get the most out of this BFCM with these campaigns.

Need an in-depth guide on BFCM email marketing? Check out our BFCM 2023 Email Marketing Handbook.

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